Masahiro Morioka: The Insensitive Man (excerpt from Chapter one, my translation)

Masahiro Morioka teaches at the University of Osaka Prefecture. His published works include: “Reconsidering the View of Life: From Ecology to Brain Death,” “An Intellectual Method of Facing Onself,” “Brain Dead Person,” “Painless Civilization” among others. The link to his Life Studies homepage can be accessed via my Blogroll. Thank you.

Chapter 1: If Only They Wear Mini-skirts We don’t Need Flesh-and-Blood Women Any More!?

Hence, I must accurately restate myself. That is to say, the most important thing is that the inside of the skirt is on the verge of visibility despite the fact that the woman intentionally tries to conceal it…...
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This is What Men Are Like

We call the ways of feeling or thinking about sex, which are deeply ingrained in ourselves, “sexuality.” It is hard to study the sexuality of men. Jun’ichi Watanabe talks about sexuality in his essay Otoko to Iumono [What the Nature of Men is Like] (Chuko Bunko 2001, 1st. ed. 1998), however, this is no more than a one-sided assumption about “what the nature of man is like.” Watanabe believes in the idea that the sexuality of men will never change after they are born.
Against this notion, as far as I’m concerned, my sexuality dramatically changed when I became over the age of 30. This change of sexuality undermined the foundations of my identity and has had a lot of effect on my ways. Through my experience, I personally had a full realization that “what the nature of men is like” is a falsehood. The phrase “the nature of men is like this” means no more than the conspiracy among men such as “Let’s think of the nature of men as this and have fun and take it easy.”
The study of male sexuality has only recently begun. In this chapter, I want to explore a theme, which I think about daily: the question of “why am I sexually aroused by mini-skirts?” I am going to talk about this based on my own experience. I will do this because not all men are aroused by mini-skirts. Speaking experientially, [12/13] I think I am certain that there are a high percentage of men attracted to mini-skirts.Women in mini-skirts captivate male characters in manga comics.Hostesses and race queens usually wear mini-skirts, too.
Investigating the sexuality of oneself,one is accompanied by great pain and embarrassment. This would be the same for both men and women. I’ve been wondering about mini-skirts for a long time. Some ideas about mini-skirts have been developed, but there is still a lot that I don’t understand. Sometimes I experienced healing when I solved some of these enigmas.
To begin with, I’ll introduce two impressive examples.
We shot a scene at a transvestite club in Shinjuku 2-chome when I had a spot on a certain program for NHK Educational TV. At that club, transvestite men gathered and drank alcohol and had great conversation. The transvestites each had extremely interesting personalities. As I was interviewing them, one of them abruptly stood up from the sofa. Wearing a tight sexy mini-skirt, he had the same curves from the legs to the waist as a woman. When I saw that, I instinctively became sexually aroused. It was a shocking experience. Biologically, I should have recognized him as a man, because I came there to interview transvestite men. [13/14] However, I had a beautiful reaction to seeing that person’s mini-skirt.
I have known that I really liked mini-skirts. Until that incident, I thought that I really liked women wearing mini-skirts. But, my way of thinking was very much upset. If a man wearing a mini-skirt has beautiful legs like a woman, I become sexually aroused. Why on earth do I feel this way?
Here is another case from when I was a young man. This involves a young woman sitting on a train. Since she appeared to have a very short mini-skirt, I could not help glancing at her thighs. At that, my heart began to beat very fast and I became turned-on. However, when the train arrived at her station and she stood up, I noticed that what she was wearing was not a skirt but culottes. No sooner had I realized that fact than I cooled down.Also, I felt that my fantasy had been taken away, and it was as if I had been pushed into a kind of hell.
why on earth did I feel this way? Things like short mini-skirts and culottes are likely to expose the symmetry of the thighs in a similar fashion. In the case of the hemline of short culottes, one is able to see the same square-shaped silhouette as a mini-skirt. In short, there is no change in the visible appearance of the lower half of the body. [14/15] The only change was that of my perception. That is to say, the fantasy that she was wearing a short mini-skirt was suddenly replaced by the disillusionment that she was wearing culottes.


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