Selected Translated Poems from Mariko Mori’s book “Zero, Zero, Zero”

lonely cat

I bought “Zero, Zero, Zero” on a trip to Osaka, Japan in the summer of 2001. I think that these translations, although amateur (i.e. unpublished), capture the sense that Mori wishes to express. Enjoy.

Mariko Mori: Zero, Zero, Zero

I look at the clouds as they suddenly tear away from each other.
Somewhere, someone is calling my name.

No matter what tomorrow’s weather will bring, realize that a person will die.

Words that one can’t speak are pulled into the depths of one’s body as the thorn twists deeper.

I mutter “zero, zero, zero” as the night sky’s illumination seeps into my sleep.

My despondency comes from the tips of my toes, passing up my spine and lands at the nape of my neck.

Melancholy is the back and forth of the swing, swinging until it reaches the darkness.


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