Bounceology and Gold Teeth


This morning I would like to briefly talk about two DJs whom I greatly admire: DJ C and DJ/Rupture. Both of these artists have elevated the craft of Djing beyond what is normally called a DJ mix. These men do more than simply “mix,” they wield the power of being able to create invigorating worlds of sound, captivating and enchanting worlds. Lee Thayer once wrote, “The world we know is an invented world, a world of our own making. In making the world we know, we make ourselves (Thayer 120).” These words of Thayer take shape in the mixes of DJ C and DJ/Rupture.

For a wonderful introduction to his work, I recommend the “Blentcast” mix by DJ C. One is taken on a journey through a pastiche of styles that, as the title says, “blend”, regardless of genre. After you submerse yourself into this colorful and masterfully compiled mix, allow DJ C to further teach you. He has many mixes showcasing one particular genre of music. If you wish to understand the “Baltimore” sound, he has a mix. The same goes for “Berlin” and “Boston.” What I greatly admire about DJ C is his taste, a taste that can only be learned through dedication and devotion to one’s art. Listening to DJ C, one needs not be skeptical, but know that DJ C has skillfully chosen the pieces that you are hearing. Do not resist, just immerse.
E.M. Cioran wrote, “What’s the use of frequenting Plato, when a saxophone can just as well offer a glimpse of another world (Cioran 116)?” The experience of entering into the space of music affects our bodies, shakes our stomachs and commands us to dance. The DJ in particular plays the role of the musical pilot, the one who steers the crowd, who conjures up magik from the archives of recorded sound. The DJ can show new ways of listening, by cutting, juxtaposing and altering a familiar piece of music. There is a magician among us and he goes by the name of DJ/Rupture. Do not take his mixes lightly, be warned when you listen to a Rupture mix as you will not walk away the same person. For an introduction to Rupture, I recommend his “58.46” mix or his “Gold Teeth Thief” mix. His “original” pieces are also recommended. The album: “Special Gunpowder.” Prepare to be educated.

I talk today about these two DJs, because it was through DJ/Rupture’s “negrophonic” website, that I discovered a link to DJ C’s “mashit” site. That link did not dissolve within me. A new link was created and a taught line was formed. Within, a triad has been formed, a triad of the two DJs and myself. Their worlds are powerful to me and I hope that you will allow yourself to let them guide you. Don’t worry, you are in good hands.

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