Digital Tattoo Interface (Wired Blog): Interface Humanities

Thirty minutes ago, I wrote about “media uniforms” and the potential of wearable technology in Japan. Now, I have just discovered a new blog entry by science-fiction writer Bruce Sterling (from Wired magazine‘s blog), linking to a different page (Greener Gadgets competition) regarding: “Digital Tattoo Interface.” The blog is about a bluetooth powered cellphone, which is embedded (unobtrusively) in the wearer’s arm, which also presents a video image of the caller. As is written:

This device communicates wirelessly with the world as well as with other devices implanted in the same body. It is always present, always on, but out of sight and non-obtrusive. It also continually monitors for many blood disorders, alerting the person of a health problem: A human version of the check engine light. Product styling is the latest and coolest downloaded display interface showing on any tattoo on the block. This product is waterproof and it is powered by pizza.

This cybernetic alteration of the body seems to surpass the idea of “media uniforms” and presents one with a direct transformation of the body via technological implantation. The idea of always being “on” presents us with an interesting perspective on being “awake.” The networkization of the human body via wearable, and, in this case implanted interfaces mutates the human body via interface attachments. Moreover, this gives us a different perspective on “the online body” and the metamorphosis of the cybernetic human.

Bruce Sterling/Wired Blog “Digital Tattoo Interface” link: Wired Blog

Digital Tattoo Interface link: DTA by Jim Mielke (USA)Digital Tattoo Interface