Saul of the Molemen

Saul of the Molemen

What seemed to me to be an intelligently innovative psycho-surreal science-fiction comedy, Adult Swim‘s “Saul of the Molemen,” is losing its Web presence (and TV presence as well?). I came across several episodes a while back which had been uploaded to Youtube, only to be quickly taken down due to a copyright claim. Heading over to the Adult Swim website did no good (and still doesn’t) as the only taste of “Saul of the Molemen” that we get is the “Original Pilot.”

“Saul of the Molemen” features the creative visions of Tom Stern, Alex Winter and Tim Burns, while starring the “Gerhard Reinke” actor/writer Josh Gardner as Saul Malone. The first thing that captured my attention, other than the brilliant character of Saul was the set designs, which seem to be all created via green screen and, not to forget, the costume design of the “molemen” is brilliantly fake and provides for great comedic effect (the voices of the molemen apparently done by Alex Winter). Visually, everything about this show is brilliant and inventive bringing back the kind of world created in the old Dr. Who episodes. The few shows that I was able to track down on the Web were funny, bizarre and gorgeously designed. I think that Josh Gardner does a wonderful job in portraying the bumbling yet lovable hero, Saul Malone. Not to mention, for those of us who occasionally sport mustaches, he provides a great inspiration.

Poking my head around the Adult Swim message boards finds talk of a canceled Season 2. The iTunes Music Store carries only a handful of Adult Swim shows and my search for Saul of the Molemen episodes online is proving futile, save the occasional Bittorrent download, which I do not partake in. If you read this and are aware of purchasable episodes of “Saul of the Molemen,” or come across news regarding the release of this series (purchasable online or DVD), please post a comment below or contact me directly (my email is in the sidebar).

I would also like to note that Alex Winter and Tom Stern’s film “Freaked,” recently released a few years back on DVD, is also beautifully designed and features Winters as a mutated actor who gets caught in the wrong situation. The villain, Elijah C. Skuggs is memorable and very well acted (performance by Randy Quaid). Tom Stern also directed “The Andy Milonakis Show,” which I tend to enjoy every once-in-a-while, but tends to annoy me for some reason.

In closing, again, my life yearns for “Saul of the Molemen,” season 1 and if someone from Adult Swim is reading this, please, pretty please, make the season available for those of us who enjoy immersing ourselves in schlocky science-fiction comedy.