Bonnie “Prince” Billy’s live album “Wilding in the West” will be my soundtrack to this spring. The satisfaction gleamed from listening to new live recordings of a familiar artist is beyond words. Songs that one has heard over and over heard again through the live context, altered slightly come to life in a new way, sound almost like new tracks. The pieces performed on “Wilding in the West” are masterfully selected and the new tracks, though still alien to me, I approach with caution, knowing that these are gems to be savored. New magick from Bonnie “Prince” Billy should be kept in a box and only be brought out when the atmosphere is ripe and the magick can be fully appreciated. I still hold the Bonnie “Prince” Billy’s music embodies and brings forth the sense of yugen from a uniquely non-Japanese perspective. More on this later…for now, sit back and illuminate the evening with “Wilding in the West.”


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