A Poem, A Present


I have been quite busy this last week, but should have time to catch up on things within the week. Thank you for your patience and I hope the archive serves you well. It has been a dark and dreary weekend here in Nihon. Last night I sat alone at a dingy diner reading Samuel Beckett. Here is a bit of Beckett for you. Have a pleasant day.

A Poem by Samuel Beckett:

what would I do without this world faceless incurious
where to be lasts but an instant where ebery instant
spills in the void the ignorance of having been
without this wave where in the end
body and shadow together are engulfed
what would I do without this silence where the murmurs die
the pantings the frenzies toward succour towards love
without this sky that soars
above it’s ballast dust

what would I do what I did yesterday and the day before
peering out of my deadlight looking for another
wandering like me eddying far from all the living
in a convulsive space
among the voices voiceless
that throng my hiddenness


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