Neither: Samuel Beckett


Yesterday I made a viral video reading of Samuel Beckett’s poem “Neither.”
It is silent. I had originally recorded myself reading the poem and layered it over the top of the video, but decided against inserting it into the video. Watching it silently after reading the poem left an interesting resonance, which hopefully you will appreciate.

To put you in the context, I will provide the poem for you:

Samuel Beckett: Neither

to and fro in shadow from inner to outer shadow

from impenetrable self to impenetrable unself
by way of neither

as between two lit refuges whose doors once
neared gently close, once away turned from
gently part again

beckoned back and forth and turned away

heedless of the way, intent on the one gleam
or the other

unheard footfalls only sound

till at last halt for good, absent for good
from self and other

then no sound

then gently light unfading on that unheeded

unspeakable home


The content of the video is a men’s large size dress shirt that I hand painted.

The link provided will take you to my Vimeo page. Thank you for watching.

Samuel Beckett: Neither