Bonnie “Prince” Billy: Lie Down in the Light

will oldham

Today, amidst a rainy May day, my copy of Bonnie “Prince” Billy‘s new album “Lie Down in the Light” arrived. What is refreshing is that I know that this album will remain with me. That is, I will be returning to this music for a long time to come. I knew this even before I opened up the package and played the CD. Now, at 5:30pm (still raining), I am not able to write a review. The music is playing (and has been most of the afternoon), but no suitable words are coming forth. From this blankness of vocabulary I am assured that this is a fantastic album. Perhaps this inability to convey in language what is so moving about the album is precisely the kind of review that fits this album.

For an album from an artist that we admire, time needs to pass, the sudden striking of the computer keys proves futile. The music is at once too close to us and too far apart. It is conjoining with us, it is creating a new facet of our self, it is creating a new aspect of the musician for us.

On a rainy May day, there can be magic. Music can illuminate the puddles and the sound of the rain can blend with the album of our choice. At this point, the album is affecting me on a visceral level, a bodily vibration…a physical mood settles over me. It seems it is time, yes, it is time to lie down in the light.

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2 thoughts on “Bonnie “Prince” Billy: Lie Down in the Light

  1. Jeff Jefferson

    I’ve just now ordered my copy. For some reason I didn’t think it was a full release…but apparently so.

    Your thoughts about this album mirror mine about Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy in general. His music always conjoins with me and creates new facets of myself. I’ve grown attached to his music almost like I would a real person. It’s strange. I’ve gone through a lot with his music, but his music has come through it all and remains strong. Any negative experiences that have been connected with it haven’t been able to harm it. They brought the music down for a little while, but the music itself has endured. Listening to Greatest Palace Music or Ease Down the Road is like the first time every time. I can listen to those CDs repeatedly and each time they thrill, surging my mood along with them. I’m looking forward to the new album.

  2. jgrefe Post author

    It most certainly is a full-length and it really shines. I think you will really enjoy this album, as the production is as lavish as “Greatest Palace Music” and the songwriting style seems to hearken back to an “Ease Down The Road” inspiration, however it transcends both of these albums in some way that I can’t quite pin down. I hope Mr. Oldham plans on some midwest shows this summer.

    I really appreciate “The Letting Go,” and it holds a very pleasant broken feeling for me. That is, it spreads itself out in front of me, pointing in different directions, while “Lie Down in the Light” seems to spread out yet joins its threads together. That is, it seems more “whole” than “The Letting Go.”

    I hope to hear your thoughts on the new album.

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