Morita Therapy


Sometimes listening to a blissful piece of music needs to be done. Other times, walking needs to be done. The stimulus of the city can provide a necessary state of connection and so can basking in the moonlight in a silent place. The silence may bubble over with the communion of the night-insects. What do you need to do now?

To be human is to be of time, it is to “have” time, to “spend” time and to engage in activities that absorb time. The doing part of our life is that part of our life that we can control, it is the magic of Reality. Also, all of the great art that you enjoy was created by people, it was created through their actions. It is impossible for me to meet an author who has deceased, but I can come to some sense of knowing her work through reading the books that she wrote. The books that she wrote came through her doing. The worlds that we inhabit have been created by those who did. What did you tell yourself that you needed to do today?

The mind, too, is illuminated through our connections to the things and people around us. The people around us and the objects that we use are of utter importance to who we are. When a friend departs, we lose that part of us that was realized through him. How did you treat that friend? What did you do together? How carefully do you do the tasks in your life? Sometimes simply sweeping the floor is enough to wrest one from the tremors of an overactive imagination. Sometimes only thinking and letting the thoughts drift is necessary. You decide.