Blissful Passage via Audio: 10 Recommendations


Ten Sunday morning album recommendations for blissful passage and solitary contemplation. What they all hold in common for me is their ability to create a certain kind of mood, a dream-like state of almost cinematic beauty. Perhaps they will serve you well, too:

1. Harold Budd: La Bella Vista
2. Willits + Sakamoto: Ocean Fire
3. Daniel Lanois: Belladonna
4. Fennesz: Live in Japan
5. Susumu Yokota: The Boy and the Tree
6. David Shea: The Tower of Mirrors
7. Anton Fier: Blind Light
8. O Yuki Conjugate: Peyote
9. David Sylvian: When Loud Weather Buffeted Naoshima
10. Takagi Masakatsu: Eating

NOTE: The above-mentioned albums may induce a state of complete relaxation and perceptive transfiguration. Enjoy the flavor.

Of course there are many albums that have had a powerful impact on me from a slew of different genres and countries. This list applies to this particular morning, to the dark damp cold comfort of an early morning. What kind of music transports you to a different place or clearly and powerfully transforms or enriches your experience?

Here are appropriate links to the artists mentioned:

Harold Budd
Daniel Lanois
Susumu Yokota
David Shea
Anton Fier
O Yuki Conjugate
David Sylvian
Takagi Masakatsu