Deep Breathing: The Corpse Pose

How often do you focus on your breath, on the very process of your physical breathing self? After several weeks of daily physical training, I have become aware of the impotant healing and relaxing potential of focused breathing.

As it usually is, throughout the day, I tend to get enwrapped in various work-related projects and lose all focus on how I am breathing during those times of busily perfecting the project. Even just a few deep breaths can help regain one’s focus and, moreover, actually give one more energy.

The Corpse Pose

Here is my recommendation for you to try for one week. If, after one week, you find no significant improvement in your thinking and overall well-being, continue the exercise at your leisure and try to find some other suitable exercise that may work better for you.

1. Engage your body in some physical activity. If are you not inclined to do so, even a brisk and focused walk is fine. Walking or running, in particular, are helpful as they increase your heartrate and allow you to explore the outdoors.

2. After you have done some physical activity (and hopefully broken a sweat), lie down on the floor (a hard surface is recommended).

3. Extend your arms and legs outward and let them sink into the surface of the floor. Concentrate on your feet and feel how they sink into relaxation. Do this all the way up your body, until you are in a state of blissful energetic lethargy.

4. Concentrate on your breath and how it flows from deep inside your body. Inhale fully through your nose and exhale through your mouth. Feel where your breath comes from and try to feel its power coming from your stomach area.

5. Continue this exercise as long as you like. I tend to use this technique for about 15 minutes.

Hopefully, during your state of emptying yourself, you were able to emerge with a lightness to your body. I have also found that sometimes after engaging in this, I come out with even more energy. Also, this is a great way to relax your muscles and to purify your body of the stress and body habits that may have been accumulated throughout the day.