Runzelstirn and Gurgelstock/Schimpfluch-Gruppe

The following text was written without any editing as the author focused on an exercise of writing + listening. This is simply one attempt to express the images the mind creates when indulging oneself in the sounds of Runzelstirn and Gurgelstock. Although, it must be said that these words do no justice to the music. Perhaps with a proper copy of the music, the ritual can wholly begin…

Runzelstirn and Gurgelstock/Schimplfluch-Gruppe: Aktion 950908 Taipei, Taiwan (7″ RRR Records), an aural attack, a monster, a twisting, scrap metal, shrieking spectre of sound rising in intensity like a whirlwind, like a nightmare. The sound of the audience and the cacaphony of the aktion is indeterminable. A trumpet of sorts sounds. Choking. And then, there we are with some kind of announcement amidst screams, panic perhaps. A distorted hum hovers while grinding swirls of machinery and voices perpetuate, insist. Piercing tone collides with piercing screams. A fragmented voice and then pandemonium, a haunting laughter.


2 thoughts on “Runzelstirn and Gurgelstock/Schimpfluch-Gruppe

  1. Jeff Jefferson

    Sounds very cool…uninhibited writing seems to turn out that way. The language makes great sounds. I’m definitely finding I need to remove inhibitions from my writing and just indulge in creativity and wildness. Even if things are clean and polished, maybe they shouldn’t seem that way. Maybe it’s just that you’re getting into such great detail with your sentences. Whatever it is, I like it.

  2. jgrefe Post author

    Thanks a lot. I really appreciate it. I got inspiration from your “Mumei Yume” piece. I hope you are doing your best in Illinois.

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