Dave Naz: Transformation of the Erotic

Photographs taken by Dave Naz have a tendency to resonate in the mind and spark an erotically haunting urge to want to experience more of his work…and more…and more. His photographs pull at the insatiable, that which cannot be satisfied, while giving us more than just the intensity of a nude body. You may find yourself sucked into the mind of Naz through the moving picture as well, through films such as “Circa ’82,” “Skater Girl Fever” or “L.A. Lust.” Let’s just say that you won’t find these films in the “Family” section of your local video store. You will have to traverse the void and move into the forbidden “back room” for adults. If you are a collector of the carnal or a dilettante of the delightful, then I hope that you can search out and appreciate the work of photographer/film maker Dave Naz.

Upon seeing his photographs, I am drawn into the space between the body and the setting, into the uniquely Californian backdrop of modern minimalism and sunny, almost “suburban” cheer that ushers into some of his work. The stark clean rooms, living rooms for instance, in which some photos are snapped, interestingly compliment the model, add a new kind of beauty to her physical beauty, set her in a context that almost can “throw off” the sole attention that could be given to her. One is enraptured by the total overall presentation of the photograph, of the styling of a great artist at work showing us a side of human sexuality, showing us a side of beauty captured.

Similarly, in his film work, one is drawn to the stylization, to the attention to detail that is brought forth and, interestingly, to the music that is used, the soundtrack. While watching one of Naz’s films, I was not sure who the musicians were, but I found myself being drawn into a trance through the melding of music and image; my attention pinballed between the beauty of the scene and a conscious attention to the music: a sludgy groove, stripped down and thick. I knew that the person who selected this particular music, deliberately selected it, made sure that it fit into the aesthetic of the film, that it brought the film to life – opened the film up in a different way. It is not often that upon watching an adult film, one wishes one could buy a copy of the soundtrack.

Upon perusing his online bio, we find the following observation: “When one looks beyond the surface, the [sexy imagery] is seen as much more: a cultural artifact giving clues to the sexual identities and persona of our time (http://www.davenaz.com).” Perhaps, it is this uncovering of a “sexual identity” that was exposed to me, through the viewing of his art. It is easy to say that there is something “more” which comes through his work, something playfully erotic, yet subtly transformative, something utterly beautiful. For this writer, the world of the erotic has not been the same since.

Dave Naz was kind enough to lend us some time and appease our request to “pick his brain” regarding music and film. The following five questions will hopefully satisfy you and give you some insight into the taste of the man behind the camera:

1. What artists have you been listening to recently?

The new Wolf Parade, Smashing Pumpkins & The Dirtbombs albums

2. How concerned are you with the music that is used in your films? Do you personally select the artist or track?

It’s VERY important to me. I pick out all the artists and songs.

3. What do you think is your most accomplished piece of work thus far in your artistic career?

Books: Legs & L.A. Bondage. Movie: Circa ’82

4. What musicians or artists in general would you like to work with?

Musicians, bands: The Replacements, Lou Reed. Artists: Larry Clark, Nan Goldin

5. What film directors or cinematographers do you admire or emulate?

Larry Clark, Roman Polanski

Thank you, Dave Naz for doing what you do and for taking the time to answer the above questions. If you are interested in Dave Naz, please visit the following link:

Dave Naz Official Website
Dave Naz Myspace
Carnality Circa 82


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