Living Constructively: Effort

The productivity of your day depends on you and the effort that you choose to exert as you move toward your goals. The time between when you wake up and when you sink into sleep is limited, is a finite experience. The effort that you exert today will change your life, whether that effort be getting lost in a television program or building a house; you are always in the process of building your life.

The things that we do today produce results whether we like it or not, the results come regardless. You, too, are a result of the efforts of others and the efforts that you, yourself, put forth in your daily life. The food that you eat today may not have been grown by you or was purchased with money that was given to you by performing some task in accordance with the support of others. The connectivity of ourselves to others is like a sticky web, a sticky web of social relations and dependency. The line between self and others is sometimes hard to define.

A conversation occurs between people or between the various voices that one manifests for oneself “in your head.” The voice of the other is influential as it is readily understood. While we hover the surface of a foreign tongue, hearing the peculiar tone or mash of sounds, it is quite difficult for us to turn voices heard in our native tongue into incomprehensible babble. In sharing a language, we share a way of being, a way of perceiving the world and a specific way of interacting with the world. While language seems to emerge naturally “out of us,” it is also one key to our interdependence, our reliance and intertwining with the others in our life. It might be important to take the time to thank those people that taught you what you know, even to thank the the books that you read in your studies. The author may not be present, but the words sink into you, become a part of you and you them as you bring them to life. It is a magical act.

When you wake up in the morning, it is good to get up. It may be time for you to get up, it may be time for you to do something, despite the comforting feeling of the bed. Balance is difficult. Sometimes the things in our life that are most important, are also the most difficult, but also, ultimately, the most rewarding. The productivity of your day depends on you and the effort that you choose to exert as you move toward your goals. It is the moving that is important.

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