N/V/E (Noise-Visualization-Experiment)

Kazumoto Endo & Blazen Y Sharp: Ask For it By Name (7″ Vinyl)
Gender-Less Kibbutz, USA

NOTE: The following is an exercise in imagery. I have had this “Ask For it By Name” record for many years and rediscovered it on a trip back home to the USA this summer. The cover art is black text on a pure white background. The vinyl is unmarked, simply a ring of white around cold black vinyl. No information other than the name of the artists and the name of the release are given. I am not sure which side is performed by Kazumoto Endo or which side is performed by Blazen Y Sharp.


The reverberations of a factory, an abandoned factory, perhaps. Scraping against corridors and being pulled into the mechanical churning of a machine, a rusty machine. The obscenity of electricity ignites the situation, briefly, with an intense fervor. The blast continues, eliminating the mechanical repititions. They return, this time in the form of a sine, a rapidly pulsing presence. Exit into darkness.

Crinkling metal against metal. Raindrops of metallic shards rap gently against the window’s exterior. Sky gray turns to sky black while a hovering force steadily approaches, subdued…subdued. The metal breaks. An opening, which mixes the hovering mass with the window frame combine, grinding against each other. The sinking away, sudden bursts of trembling scrapes hang lonely in the air. Exit into darkness.

Thank you.

Kazumoto Endo