While the Coffee Brews: Five Morning Fragments

The following five fragments were inspired by Constructive Living author David K. Reynolds. Thank you for your attention. If these help you or you are interested in reading more CL material, please visit: Constructive Living.

I awake early in the morning, while the world
around me has already awoken. Birds. Insects. Commiting myself
to the task of writing at this early hour is not
easy, does not feel good, but something tells me
it must be done.

Getting out of bed for a short while, while the
coffee brews. I return to bed. This second drifting
is not the same as the first. Sometimes we struggle
to start our day. Making the bed takes effort. A wise
teacher taught me that, “We are always awaking to a situation.”

Waiting for emails to arrive from certain others
puts me in a state of inactivity. Pulling myself
away from the interface of the computer, I wash the
dishes and sweep the floor. The rhythm of the evening
changes. I am no longer waiting.

A rumbling stomach cannot be tamed by thinking about food.

Interacting through the Web, we find that we only know
other people by what and how they say things about their world.
A social networking profile made with care, tells
us about the other person. Through their actions, I have met them.
Thank you for teaching me about you.