David Foster Wallace: Commencement Speech

rest in peace

rest in peace

Awaking this morning to the sound of a light rain in the dark blue haze of my Tuesday morning apartment. I drink my coffee and scroll through my RSS feeds.

Over the weekend, reports of the suicide of writer David Foster Wallace (1962-2008) came to me through my Twitter feed. I thought of my friend, a philosophy professor, who recommended “Infinite Jest” to me, said I would like it. I wish I would have read it. I will read it.

I find mention, through an L.A. Times article on David Foster Wallace, mention of a commencement speech he did in 2005 for Kenyon College in Ohio. I find the transcript, read it and dwell on it. I will write more about this speech later, but for now, will provide you the link to it, so you can read it yourself and hopefully pass it along, if you are so inclined.

David Foster Wallace: Kenyon College Commencement Speech – May 21, 2005

Have a meaningful day

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