Ken Tanaka: Jacob the Happy Rabbit 2

Here at The Eyeslit-Crypt, we appreciate the work of the ever-busy, Ken Tanaka.

In a recent (or relatively recent) video, Tanaka seems to have put the finishing touches on his new self-published comic book, “Jacob the Happy Rabbit 2.” It’s cute and has a very “happy” story, too. Here is a brief summary of the work:

The artwork was done by David Mack (Kabuki) with cover art by Eisner Award winner, James Jean. The images that we see on the video are rife with innocence and budding with a bright “kawaii” color scheme. The story seems to be an introspective post-modern interpretation on love as consumption (neo-cannibalism), with masochistic undertones of fear and isolation. However, a glimmer of hope lies within – the regurgitation of happiness.

The video featuring an explanation on the creative process of “Jacob the Happy Rabbit 2” can be found here:
James Jean and David Mack draw Jacob the Happy Rabbit 2

Also, Ken Tanaka has uploaded reports from his recent trip to Comic-Con in San Diego, California. You can see the Comic-Con series here:
Ken Tanaka goes to Comic-con and meets a Suicide Girl アメリカのコスプレイ
Comic-con pt 2 James Jean at the Eisner Awards & cosplay
Comic-con pt 3 David Mack, Mandy Amano, Triumph the insult dog

And remember: “Ken Tanaka loves you.”

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