Brand Strategy: Old Man’s Hands Productions (Eon McKai)

Director Eon McKai‘s production company, “Old Man’s Hands” new 2008 “logo movie” presents a change in the Alt-Vivid brand. What are your thoughts on this “logo movie?” Do you think that this new video adequately expresses the aesthetic aims of McKai and company?

We were able to track down the older “logo movie” for “Old Man’s Hands” and compare the two. The older version shows a tattooed nude body with hands reaching out from both sides of the screen, seemingly touching the body. Also, a close look reveals the words “Eon McKai” tattooed across the woman’s stomach. When the text “Old Man’s Hands” is presented, a voice accompanies it, reading the words for us in a gritty compressed voice.

The new video shows us a flower being fondled (or broken apart or simply being touched) by what could be the hands of an old man. The scene then suddenly shifts to a saturated frame of a film reel, while the text, neatly aligned to the left, jitters, hovers. No voice or tattooed women can be seen in the new video.

The new brand image seems well-suited for conneisseurs of abstract visual media and video-art installation pieces. Perhaps, McKai is reaching out to a new audience or working from the influence of contemporary experimental filmwork. Whatever is behind the new brand image, it seems to me to be a positive step toward broadening the audience of his film and displaying his power as a film maker.

Watch the 2008 “Old Man’s Hands” Logo Movie:

Watch the old logo movie:

Old Man’s Hands Logo Movie (old)

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