Vivian Girls: Reaction and Live Video


The more I listen to Vivian Girls, the more I am drawn into their brand of simple, slightly messy, yet smiley shoegaze-surf-punk vibe. Upon re-listening to their self-titled album, I conjure a faint trickle of The Ronnettes or the mutant child of My Bloody Valentine and southern California 1960’s pop with a twinge of anthemic punk. For those of us currently disconnected from any kind of “local” scene, the sound of the Vivian Girls provided an elixer of home, of the kind of shows devoid of media attention and corporate label support. A cassette copy of this material should be in order.

A thirty minute live video from Vimeo (link below), shows me their live presence in what could be, an intimate venue. The lighting is almost non-existent, the cheers from the crowd are powerful yet few in number (sadly). All I know is that somewhere in Brooklyn, this took place – culture brews and is spread through social media channels. Meanwhile, someone in the dark forests of Japan tunes in and uses this music as the soundtrack to his “first day of fall” celebration. Thank you Vivian Girls.

Vivian Girls live at Death By Audio (Brooklyn) (September 2, 2008)

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