Experimenting with Squarespace: the restless modern


Last night I began experimenting with squarespace and may move The Eyeslit-Crypt over to the other side, at some time in the “near future.” The only damaging point is that I’ll probably take a hit in terms of traffic as the number of inbound links will be few and far between. If us “moderns” or “post-moderns,” or whatever we are, can be characterized by our restlessness, then I am a prime exemplar of that restless spirit. That said, as per the title of this article, I use the word “experimenting” on purpose, as I am just testing the waters. If I can achieve the design functionality that I crave here at WordPress, then there is no reason to leave, but if I can’t…

What do you think?

Eyeslit-Crypt on Squarespace

Edit: It was Samuel Beckett who, in Westward Ho, wrote, “Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try again. Fail again. Fail better.” At this juncture, if I do decide to use squarespace, it will be a supplement to this page.

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