Denis Johnson: Two More Audio Pieces (Readings + Conversation)

Two more Denis Johnson audio pieces have come to my attention.

1. The first, readings from The Incognito Lounge, Jesus’ Son, and more, was generously introduced to me by the artist behind the website, Horse of Bone. It is an hour long reading well worth listening to. The audio file can be found by following this link:

A Beautiful Magical Hour of Denis Johnson

2. The second, I found simply by searching via Yahoo. It is an hour and twenty minute reading/conversation with Denis Johnson. The reading is a long excerpt from Johnson’s magnum opus, “Tree of Smoke,” read by Johnson himself. This is followed by a conversation between Johnson and executive editor and founder of magazine, Gary Kamiya. The conversation, in particular, is insightful as they discuss the craft of writing, the success of Jesus’ Son, influences and much more.
The audio file can be found here:

Lannan Foundation: Readings and Conversations – Denis Johnson

Thank you and enjoy.

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