Words Have Consequences: Sarah Palin meets Der Spiegel


Der Spiegel‘s Peter Ross Range, has written an article on Sarah Palin’s use of language and the negative and perhaps hate-inspiring, consequences, that her words may be having on those who are actually listening. What kind of “epistemic communities” are being created by those who choose to truly listen to and understand those words?

The article can be found here: The Lone Ranger: Palin’s Breathtaking Naivete

On that note, I leave you on this crisp autumnal morning with a quotation from Lewis Mumford, from his book The Conduct of Life:

“What our civilization needs today, as a condition for increasing human maturity and for inner renewal, is the cultivation of an exquisite sensitivity and an incomparable tenderness. (153)” – Lewis Mumford

Perhaps, this will help lead us where we need to go. And yet…

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One thought on “Words Have Consequences: Sarah Palin meets Der Spiegel

  1. Mark Hollis

    Perhaps, like Senator Obama, I am too young. But I was born in 1955. And my family walked in integration marches in the Kansas City area. And every time Dr. King’s speeches were televised, we tuned in. My parents told me this was history being made, as sure as NASA’s attempts to get to the moon “before the decade was out.” I didn’t know if I wanted to be an astronaut or to be a Civil Rights worker like Dr. King.

    That said, I have seen more and more of the Republican rhetoric straying into outright racism, in their current campaign against the Democratic nominee for President as well as past campaigns against immigration. And their future campaign against “entitlements” (the next dirty word they create) will also be based on hate speech, with artfully-crafted code words to move the hearts and minds of the poor who will be taken along for the ride only to be dumped with the refuse.

    I would like to thank Peter Ross Range for amplifying Representative John Lewis’ comments. I suppose what McCain and Palin are doing is “leadership,” but I don’t like the direction it leads.

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