Vincent Gallo: “Johnny 316” Trailer

Vincent Gallo and Erick Ifergan are artists that I admire. I found this trailer via the Quiet Earth website. (NOTE: Vimeo has taken down the trailer)

The synopsis, from the film’s official website is:

“A modernized version of Oscar Wilde’s ‘Salome”, JOHNNY 316, directed by Erick Ifergan, unfurls in the boulevards of Hollywood, California. Vincent Gallo plays a penniless street preacher who spends his days giving out pamphlets and spreading the word of God. One day, he meets Sarah, played by Nina Brosh, a beautiful bereft hairdresser who lost her job. For Sarah, it is love at first sight. She follows the preacher home and tries to seduce him.

Despite his deep attraction to her, he pushes her away. Oblivious to his rejection, Sarah continues to pursue the preacher, convinced that she can win him over. Poetic and violent, this impossible love story explores the themes of spirituality, intimacy and loss, set against the backdrop of the harsh unforgiving reality of the streets.”

Here is a direct link to the trailer, from the film’s official website: Johnny 316 trailer

If you have any news of this coming to DVD, please get in touch.