The Visual Poetics of Erick Ifergan’s Public Safety Videos

Erick Ifergan, director of Johnny 316, recently finished a video campaign for the Russian Road Security Program in conjunction with the YesTasteWinNow advertising agency in Moscow.

The videos tackle the subjects of road manners, drinking and driving, speeding, driving cautiously, and watching out for children. Each video features the same piano score by composer Max Golovin and do an effective job at merging the “real” with the “imaginary”” through the sharp eye of director, Ifergan.

Moreover, the visual poetics of this series do a great job at reminding us of the consequences of decisions and the need to drive safely and responsibly through their, at times, “harsh” imagery. The video posted below, showing the bloody consequences of car crashes without the cars, uses the copy, “Watch out! It’s flesh and blood inside the iron cars.”

To see the rest of the videos, please visit the YesTasteWinNow Youtube channel – HERE

Also, for more information on this series, please see: Seriously Fetish Newsletter. “Fetish Films” is the production company that produced this series.