The Bricoleur

What is a bricoleur? How is a bricoleur different from a polymath? Who are some famous bricoleurs? Are our schools educating children to be bricoleurs? Are you a bricoleur?

Listen to Dr. Lee Thayer and Yvonne DiVita discuss the above questions and more in this five part podcast:

The Bricoleur: Conversation with Lee Thayer

Dr. Thayer writes:

“The Bricoleur

Let us latch onto a different kind of concept.
It is useful. It is powerful.

A bricoleur is a person who accomplishes what has to be accomplished, when it has to be accomplished, with the tools and resources at hand. This means that when you invest in bricoleurs, you get a full return on your investment. Otherwise your investment has to be discounted. A bricoleur is a fully empowered person.” Read more


2 thoughts on “The Bricoleur

  1. Yvonne DiVita

    Thanks for this call-out on my conversation with Lee Thayer. I am intrigued by the Bricoleur concept and love listening to Thayer discuss it. Your post is very timely, considering the state of our economy at the moment.

  2. jgrefe Post author

    Yvonne, thank YOU and great point about the state of the economy and its relevance to the Bricoleur concept. Please get in touch if you and Thayer record any more conversations.

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