Sakamoto Ryuichi x Luis Vuitton x Switch Magazine

Ryuichi Sakamoto Luis Vuitton Switch

Switch magazine recently featured a photo spread of Ryuichi Sakamoto for Luis Vuitton.

The photos show Sakamoto, looking particularly grim and serious, wearing pristine Vuitton gear, amdist a darkly saturated forest environment. Sakamoto as solitary wanderer, as “sticking out” from the environment to such an extent that he manages to blend back in. Notice how the color of his suit so adequately matches the water behind him as he looks out, looks away from us, transfixed in thought. Also, the color of his hair seems to blend well with the silver sheen of the water.

Sakamoto’s stance, as well, shows us a stern confidence, a calm seriousness. The suit, perfectly fitted to his stance and posture, shows the buyer a person in the midst of becoming. Moreover, a fitting outfit for the engagement of thinking.