Staying the Course: Difficulty Approached

Staying the course, or in other words, persevering, can be challenging. At least for me, it is challenging. Hence, one of the reasons why I have failed to write here in quite some time. As with most things that we tend to neglect, we have no “real” reason at all. We get caught up in other ways of doing things and are pulled by the things which we give our time and attention to – to whatever end that may be. Nonetheless, persevering is important in spite of the myriad of reasons (made-up reasons) why one should or shouldn’t stay the course. If you are pulled in other directions, it is best to make sure that you aren’t just playing some game with yourself to compensate for your lack of talent.

In the film “Music of the Heart,” featuring Meryl Streep as an inner-city music teacher, she says, “You shouldn’t quit something just because it’s difficult.” How true these words ring to me and how often do I see and hear people giving up all around me simply because something is temporarily difficult. If something is difficult, then devote all of your time and attention to that thing and make it not difficult. The more time you spend with it, trying to figure it out, chipping away at it and, in general, practicing it, the less difficult it becomes. Or, even if it continues to be difficult, what is difficult shifts from what you originally perceived as difficult to a different layer of difficulty. This means that you are learning it. Learning isn’t always fun or easy.

Staying the course of a goal that you set is no less daunting. It may be one of the most difficult things that you embark on.

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2 thoughts on “Staying the Course: Difficulty Approached

  1. Michael Pick

    Absolutely – I’m really resonating on your frequency today. It’s also challenging for me – I find myself pulled in too many directions, trying to see everything, be everything, experience everything through art, experimentation, existence. A million perspectives, a blinding speed-montage of barely glimpsed fragments.

    It yields fruits sometimes, but equally, as you say, can lead you away from the the things that need persevering with, the things that would grow into so much more than a random pixel-blip grain of beauty. Mountains made of moments in time.

  2. jgrefe Post author

    Thank you for the replies.
    Staying on course seems to be one of the great challenges.
    Your persistence has certainly seemed to have paid off.
    Keep up the great work.

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