Morris Berman: Audio Interview/Conversation

Today I discovered an excellent audio interview/conversation from June 2008 with author and professor Morris Berman. If you are familiar with Berman’s books, then you may have already found this insightful audio piece for yourself, but if not, here is the link: Morris Berman Audio Interview/Conversation.

Berman discusses his books, American culture, politics, consciousness and more. Personally, I am not too familiar with a lot of his works, so this audio piece has helped me to better understand his way of thinking and approach to social and human critique.

UPDATE: Here is another Berman audio interview from a radio program called “Against the Grain.” The first several minutes is a recap of recent news (from that particular day), and after that, a very thorough conversation with Berman. Listen here: Morris Berman on Against the Grain.

Also, please visit Berman’s official blog: Dark Ages America.

Thank you. If you find any other audio interviews, please post a comment or get in touch.


One thought on “Morris Berman: Audio Interview/Conversation

  1. Meri

    Thanks for posting this. I wish more people could have access to Berman’s ideas. But the corporate media in the U.S. largely has ignored him.

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