Last weekend, I found the website to the Japan-based organization, MoreTrees. Here is my amateur translation (Japanese-English) of the “introduction” section of their website. If you are interested, hopefully this will give you an understanding of where they are coming from (despite my potentially garbled translation):

MoreTrees: Introduction

‘The name “MoreTrees,” is a call to have more trees. On a global scale, there is a continuing depredation of forests. What we call “human civilization” is now on the brink of extinction. We think that the simple message of “MoreTrees” is to get reality in motion with a desire for concrete action.
The “More Trees” movement is a community-based advancement in the increase of trees, the increase of healthy forests, and an increase in CO2 absorbing forests. In addition, (we are interested in) restoring the cultivating power of the fundamental point of forests: water-retaining capacity and life’s diversity while recognizing the grace of the sun, the water and the forests, derived from nature’s energy. “MoreTrees” is for anyone with the realization that forests regenerate, will share in this joy, and want to continue this universal platform.’

If you wish to get involved and make a donation or spread the word, please see their official website: MoreTrees