Persistence Pays

“What counts most is holding on. The growth of a train of thought is not a direct forward flow. There is a succession of spurts seperated by intervals of stagnation, frustration and discouragement. If you hold on, there is bound to come a certain clarification. The unessential components drop off and a coherent, lucid whole begins to take shape.” – Eric Hoffer 1961

For many more brilliant thoughts like the one above, please see: Sparks: Eric Hoffer and the Art of the Notebook


2 thoughts on “Persistence Pays

  1. johnnyunicorn

    Totally right! At the rate I’m going, that clarification will come at about the age of 60. But if that’s how it’s going to be, I’m fine with it.

  2. jgrefe Post author

    I think your reading of Hoffer’s aphorism is in tune with my own reading of it. It’s a comforting aphorism for those moments of bewilderment and, as he says, “frustration.” Shortly before posting it, I was reading an essay that I have spent years re-reading while doubting my own understanding of the reading. Hoffer’s words were comforting. I recommend you check out the link. His other thoughts are equally rewarding.

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