Communication!: A Radical Philosophy for Life’s #1 Problem

1934229083-2I have studied (and worked hard at understanding) the works of Lee Thayer since 2000 and am eagerly awaiting his newest book on Communication, Communication! A Radical Philosophy for Life’s #1 Problem to be released sometime this month (February) by Windsor Media Enterprises.

According to the WME website:

“Communication! begins with a half-dozen “Forewarnings,” such as # 2:

“For the most part our … perspectives on communication treat it as a means to more or less immediate ends. This is okay, because we can use communication in that limited way. But it trivializes our understanding of what’s really at stake. … Communication is the creator and the infrastructure of every human mind, and thus of the worlds we create ….”

The book closes, in “Performing Life,” with:

“It makes a difference what you call things — and why. We humans are made of meanings. Get those right and you get the rest of it right.

“To understand at the deepest level that life is a performing art may be the best way ….”

In between, Lee Thayer’s essays take us on a 20-stop tour of the world of life-making and meaning-making. His provocative ideas on “communication competencies” offer new ways to “influence people … [and] be influenced by the world in ways presently not open to you” and, ultimately, to “a richer, more meaningful, more mindful life ….”

WME has also published Thayer’s “Leadership: Thinking, Being, Doing” and “How Executives Fail.” I highly recommend both of these for anyone looking to improve their personal performance or the performance of their organization.

Finally, from the above linked WME website, a PDF sample of “Communication!” is currently available for download. If you are looking to get a taste of Thayer’s work, spending some quality time with this free PDF should serve as a great point of entry into his way of thinking and stimulate your own thinking appetite.

In closing, remember: “As you communicate, so shall you be.” – Thayer