Larry Charles on “Cracking the Code”

Not all of us are as good at improvising as director/writer/comedian, Larry Charles (Seinfeld, Curb Your Enthusiasm, Borat, Religulous). Maybe we can learn to develop that capacity for improvisation.

In this short video, he briefly opens up the idea of “cracking the code” for a piece of art (in his case, film/TV). I admire his story of walking with Larry David and allowing the thoughts to kind of “bubble up,” – stream of consciousness. It seems that some of our greatest ideas can come not when we are sitting down at our desk, thinking hard, but when we are in route, on a walk, or alone in those “in-between” moments of life. This is not to say that planned “thinking sessions” may be productive and useful, but that we should (might want to) learn to develop the skill of thinking, even in those routine moments of life.

In the coming weeks I will try to further flesh out this idea and apply it to a television program or film. Of course, I will share the results with you here.

What is the “code” for the trajectory of our own life?
Should we be merely studying “about” the code or “how to” create the code?
Is this something that one should “study” or something that one should “live out?”

Perplexed as always.

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