Japan Earthquake

I have spent six + years in Japan. Earthquakes are terrifying and Japan is a second home to me. I feel for those affected by this devastating earthquake and tsunami. It is moments like this that the profundity and perplexity of life and death emerge and bewilder. I stand mouth agape. My heart goes out to the Japanese people and all the inhabitants of that beautiful country.


5 thoughts on “Japan Earthquake

  1. stephanie schefano

    my son spent a month in Tono, Japan as an exchange student. We are very worried about this terrible tragety, and also about families in Tono. I can’t find information on how the earthquake affected Japan’s cities that are inland. Do you have any idea? Are you in Japan?

  2. jgrefe Post author

    I’m not in Japan now. You could perhaps call a Japanese embassy and see if they could inquire for you.

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  5. Troy

    As someone who currently works with Japanese people, I share your passion and compassion for Japan. You’ve put it all very plainly and accurately. There isn’t much we can really say. I came here to read your post on Cioran and the Brown Bunny but I appreciate seeing your words about Japan.

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