Brian Oliu’s Favorite Video Games


I asked Brian Oliu, whose LEVEL END I recently wrote about, to give a list of his favorite video games and why. Oliu’s work in the creative nonfiction sphere has often utilized video games and game themes in startlingly fresh and unique ways, so to me, this list is a beautiful entrance or hidden tunnel behind Oliu’s game pieces. Enjoy. 

And I present Brian Oliu’s favorite video games: 

Ninja Gaiden: delightfully impossible, yet it’s not like I mind. 6-3 is what nightmares are made of.
Super Metroid: Easily one of the most enjoyable games I’ve ever played. Great story, great atmosphere.
Earthbound: Probably my favorite game of all time. Weird, quirky, & incredibly emotional.
RBI Baseball: Still quite possibly the best baseball videogame ever made (with the exception of MVP Baseball 05)
A Link To The Past: Blew my mind–the changing between the light world & dark world was incredibly innovative.
Dr. Mario: I met the majority of girls in my dorm room freshman year because I would play this with the door open. The best puzzle game out there (sorry Tetris/Wario’s Woods)
River City Ransom: All Beat-Em-Ups wish that they were River City Ransom.
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