Anatomy Courses: A Few Scribbles Between Lessons

Anatomy Courses Vocabulary List (unit seven): , wallpaper, New Hypermind Deformity Cauldron, cookies, Gilles De Rais, Aztec, newborn, mole, leach, um-um, everready, magicked, life-sac, crunch-rain, Sinatra, lymph, scissors, rap, pajamas, backfire, tinfoil, egg, milk, robe, tea, pork, Xerox, zillion, gravity, barf, beer, tee-tee, axe, Pasolini, exfoliate, languid, Vietnam, swaddle, OK, 33, 3

  • I study ANATOMY COURSES the way  one might boil the slime smear of bird skin scattered and scorched on the lawn into etchings yellowed on the teeth of dead rattlesnakes.
  • [I may still be somewhere wandering on that lawn, groping for the window] One should suspend the injection of oneself and let the anatomy courses first settle in the mouth. They will dissolve on the tongue. Chew. Swallow. Exhale. Don’t forget her ipecac-laced scalpels for the scrub-down. You may pick those up in the lobby called “Father.”
  • Anatomy Courses Vocabulary List (unit two): mastectomy, wart, quarantine, carnation, sheen, tutu, universe, slush, egg, box, gong, Disney, wine, gland, Ambien, mummify, bib, moustache, hysterectomy, filibuster, colostomy, stoma, hematoma, carrion, tummybulb, vortex, puppysong, narcoleptic, prism, eon, lard, keyhole, unstuck, armpit, thorax, flesh, Magic Eye, Andromeda, vanilla, servile, kerosene, temperature, slop-bits, ajar, yeast, vaseline, BBBBurn, sternum, Saturn, B-minor, P-solo, basin, methadone, neo-nursery, doppelganger, lovehandle, pay-per-view, brainstem, mammalian, mudflap, tuna, insulin, chewball, canal, cigarette, grouse, mount, hammy, broom, spit, Taco Bell