This experiment started in 2008 as an interactive platform for my studies, insights, and admirations. I have chosen the “weblog” format due to its ease and networking capabilities. Along the way, it has opened the doors to communicating with other writers, readers, artists and so on. It has also helped spread around works and ideas that may have been pushed aside by the mainstream, of what consequence, I’m not sure…but….

The sub-heading says, “A Creative Analysis and Communications Weblog.” All forms of expression are forms of communication, forms of how one “minds” the world. Through my articles on other artists and thinkers and “theory”, perhaps, you will expand your ways of interpreting your life. Also, while I have failed to take the subject of “creativity” head-on, I have infiltrated it through side-angles and inched along the peripheries of this most mysterious human gift. Sometimes the vague approach to an issue helps us see it in a new, more competent, way.

There are plenty of articles and tid-bits here that have been buried due to the state of “information overload” in which this weblog is embedded. Poke around and you’ll find things that you like.

October 5, 2008