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Morris Berman: Audio Interview/Conversation

Today I discovered an excellent audio interview/conversation from June 2008 with author and professor Morris Berman. If you are familiar with Berman’s books, then you may have already found this insightful audio piece for yourself, but if not, here is the link: Morris Berman Audio Interview/Conversation.

Berman discusses his books, American culture, politics, consciousness and more. Personally, I am not too familiar with a lot of his works, so this audio piece has helped me to better understand his way of thinking and approach to social and human critique.

UPDATE: Here is another Berman audio interview from a radio program called “Against the Grain.” The first several minutes is a recap of recent news (from that particular day), and after that, a very thorough conversation with Berman. Listen here: Morris Berman on Against the Grain.

Also, please visit Berman’s official blog: Dark Ages America.

Thank you. If you find any other audio interviews, please post a comment or get in touch.


The Bricoleur

What is a bricoleur? How is a bricoleur different from a polymath? Who are some famous bricoleurs? Are our schools educating children to be bricoleurs? Are you a bricoleur?

Listen to Dr. Lee Thayer and Yvonne DiVita discuss the above questions and more in this five part podcast:

The Bricoleur: Conversation with Lee Thayer

Dr. Thayer writes:

“The Bricoleur

Let us latch onto a different kind of concept.
It is useful. It is powerful.

A bricoleur is a person who accomplishes what has to be accomplished, when it has to be accomplished, with the tools and resources at hand. This means that when you invest in bricoleurs, you get a full return on your investment. Otherwise your investment has to be discounted. A bricoleur is a fully empowered person.” Read more

William T. Vollmann: 8 Audio Links (Interviews/Conversations)

william vollmann

A working list of William T. Vollmann audio pieces drawn from various websites. I have not listened to all of these interviews/conversations in their entirety yet, so cannot vouch for which one is “better” than the other. With that said, as always, if you know of any Vollmann audio links that I have missed, please drop a comment or get in touch via email. Thank you and happy listening.

Eight William T. Vollmann Audio Links

NPR: Riding Toward Everywhere

Drinks with Tony Vollmann Interview

Vollmann discussing his book “Uncentering the Earth”

Vollmann on Trains

On Rising Up Rising Down

Another Piece on Rising Up Rising Down

Vollmann on The Royal Family

Vollmann on The Bat Segundo Show

Denis Johnson: Two More Audio Pieces (Readings + Conversation)

Two more Denis Johnson audio pieces have come to my attention.

1. The first, readings from The Incognito Lounge, Jesus’ Son, and more, was generously introduced to me by the artist behind the website, Horse of Bone. It is an hour long reading well worth listening to. The audio file can be found by following this link:

A Beautiful Magical Hour of Denis Johnson

2. The second, I found simply by searching via Yahoo. It is an hour and twenty minute reading/conversation with Denis Johnson. The reading is a long excerpt from Johnson’s magnum opus, “Tree of Smoke,” read by Johnson himself. This is followed by a conversation between Johnson and executive editor and founder of Salon.com magazine, Gary Kamiya. The conversation, in particular, is insightful as they discuss the craft of writing, the success of Jesus’ Son, influences and much more.
The audio file can be found here:

Lannan Foundation: Readings and Conversations – Denis Johnson

Thank you and enjoy.

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Denis Johnson: Audio + Video + Text

I carry Denis Johnson’s little book, “Jesus’ Son,” with me like a bible, like a book of spells: enchanting, charming and devilishly satisfying. It is the perfect book to read in the morning, at the bus stop, on the train or in the waiting room of a hospital. Perhaps it is my admiration of Raymond Carver, who Johnson studied with, that helps draw me closer to Johnson, or perhaps the way his characters interact, the places they go, or their inner dialogue that ignites something within me. It is hard to pinpoint.

Last week, I posted a link to a reading by Robert Coover, an audio file, a chance to hear the author’s voice, to experience the text aurally, from without. Today, I present more than several links to precious gems that I came across: audio links, video, text…all from Denis Johnson.

For those of us who are students of the “virtual classroom,” self-learners and maniacs, this provides a nice learning experience. I believe that hearing the voice of the author is important. The rhythm which with the author reads varies from my own rhythm, the tone of voice, the pauses, the intonation. Being an audiophile, I appreciate these things and hope that you will, too.


George Plimpton reads Denis Johnson’s essay “Hippies.”


Denis Johnson reading from his book “Jesus’ Son”


Denis Johnson’s poem “The White Fires of Venus”
Denis Johnson’s essay “School is Out: Why I Teach My Kids at Home

I found these links by way of someone’s Mahalo page on Denis Johnson. The link to the source is:

Denis Johnson on Mahalo

If you are aware of more Denis Johnson audio and video available online, please contact me or leave a comment with the relevant link. Thank you and enjoy.

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An Hour with Robert Coover

Today’s present for you is a gem that we found at “Archive.org.” The gem is one hour with one of our favorite writers, Robert Coover. In this hour of audio, you will hear Coover reading his short story, “The Invisible Man” and more. With pristine audio quality and no charge to you, the listener, what better way to spend your day.

Click the link to archive.org:

CalArts MFA Writing Program Visiting Artists Series 2005-10-18: Robert Coover

If you are aware of any other Robert Coover readings or lectures that are available online, please contact us. Or, if you just feel like reaching out and talking, get in touch. Happy Sunday.

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