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Mondo Brutal (FREE Bizarro Grindhouse eBook Now Available for Download)

Valentine Mayhem!!! I am proud to present the second novelette spinoff of THE MONDO VIXEN MASSACRE, a full-on grindhouse, ultraviolent bizarro story called, MONDO BRUTAL.

Doreen is a vixen assassin and tonight’s mission–to take down a crazy geezer named Butch Smeezer and his were-goat goons–is underway. But the tables are turned when Doreen is captured by some feisty were-goats and subjected to the carnal magic of a device called Old Mattie. Haunted by her past and fueled by the violence of the present, Doreen is infected with hate and must battle her own demons as well as annihilate the enemy! MONDO BRUTAL delivers a swift Bizarro Grindhouse slice to the throat in this second spinoff of Jamie Grefe’s THE MONDO VIXEN MASSACRE.


Tumblr–Enjoy the blood-soaked one page version: http://mondobrutal.tumblr.com
Smashwords–Snag an epub or a mobi: https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/408690
Goodreads–Review it and get the pdf: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/20809728-mondo-brutal

Thank you for reading and spreading the word!


Kindle Edition of THE MONDO VIXEN MASSACRE: Order Now

The Kindle edition of THE MONDO VIXEN MASSACRE is now available for purchase in the Amazon store. If you are a fan of bizarro fiction, like over-the-top violence and action and a lot of sexy fun, you’ll love the book. Your eyes are getting heavy. Yes, you will love the book. Look deep into my eyes. You. Will. Love. The. Book. Money well spent.