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    The Thing 


    The dog, because of what grows on the inside. The radio, because to be broadcast from here is an admittance of our failure to heal. Friend one, because we don’t know what’s under the skin. Friend two, because helicopters from strange places are unwanted on the ice in front of the complex. Friend three, because mind-sinews lack visual proof, lack trust. There are more–we will be safe if we kill those we don’t want to kill. Here we are surrounded by mountains, domed sky, cold spaces to curl up in and forget that this friend is not who he says he is. The more rooms there are, the more we load ourselves to the hilt, pull stacks of guns from cupboards, use scalpels to discuss the foreign, panic, because we know we are alone without love. but we are not alone and that is the problem. The obelisk is a mutant. It is repulsive like the word, “mutant,” when we say it out loud as if Friend four is not Friend four, but a host devouring men. The mutation occurs on the inside. I’ve felt a stir, how it shrinks one to another like the dog or the foreigner. We are alone. I do not want to become a foreigner. It would take too long to convince you of who I am, you who I write this to, you who I used to pull close when the snow-wind fell horizontal like knife to chin. I have a knife in my coat held close to my heart and I will keep it for Friend five, because Friend five is not you. You are not now in the corner clawing the wall to shred my skin from my face. This cannot be you. I’m sorry. I can no longer wait for a reply.

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    N/V/E (Noise-Visualization-Experiment) 

    Kazumoto Endo & Blazen Y Sharp: Ask For it By Name (7″ Vinyl)
    Gender-Less Kibbutz, USA

    NOTE: The following is an exercise in imagery. I have had this “Ask For it By Name” record for many years and rediscovered it on a trip back home to the USA this summer. The cover art is black text on a pure white background. The vinyl is unmarked, simply a ring of white around cold black vinyl. No information other than the name of the artists and the name of the release are given. I am not sure which side is performed by Kazumoto Endo or which side is performed by Blazen Y Sharp.


    The reverberations of a factory, an abandoned factory, perhaps. Scraping against corridors and being pulled into the mechanical churning of a machine, a rusty machine. The obscenity of electricity ignites the situation, briefly, with an intense fervor. The blast continues, eliminating the mechanical repititions. They return, this time in the form of a sine, a rapidly pulsing presence. Exit into darkness.

    Crinkling metal against metal. Raindrops of metallic shards rap gently against the window’s exterior. Sky gray turns to sky black while a hovering force steadily approaches, subdued…subdued. The metal breaks. An opening, which mixes the hovering mass with the window frame combine, grinding against each other. The sinking away, sudden bursts of trembling scrapes hang lonely in the air. Exit into darkness.

    Thank you.

    Kazumoto Endo

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    Special Dental Team: Spirit Journey 2008 (8/11/08 DAAC, GR, MI, USA) 

    From 2002 to 2003 I (the editor of “The Eyeslit Crypt”) participated as the bassist for a band called “Special Dental Team.” Earlier this week, five years after disseminating across the globe, we converged for a special night of indie-country-punk-prog spirituals at the DAAC (Division Avenue Arts Cooperative) in Grand Rapids, MI, USA. Those who have followed my musical journeys (Lapdancer, Friend AKA Furendo, DJ Nightspore, Sorror, etc.) may have been informed of this show, but to those readers spread out across this vast globe checking local zines and other publications, we kept this show somewhat secret, relying on local grassroots marketing and word-of-mouth. Luckily, the word spread far and wide.

    Video and audio footage captured the splendor of the evening and for those die-hard Dental Team fans, I’m sure video and/or audio footage will be available in the near future. I will post the set-list for your future reference:

    Spirit Journey 2008 Set-List

    My Baby’s in School (new)
    Pickle Pocket (new)
    Under the Gun (remix)
    Hello Sunny (banjo remix)
    Purple Horse/Purple Pony (extended mix)
    Spank Party Pillow Fight
    Hemogoblin (restructured)
    Soft (w/violin bow soundscapes)
    Skinnydippin Dub
    Dress Up Dress Down
    Rooster Killer
    I’ve Always Only Wanted to Love You (w/spoken word intro)
    Sweet Home Alabama/The Star Spangled Banner

    ENCORE (20 mins. after show): The Murls are Spurling (for Saunders)

    After the show finished and after waiting about 20 minutes, spurred on by GR’s own “Mr. Squid,” we performed an intimate version of “The Murls are Spurling.”

    We performed with two amazing acts. The first, “Clear Days Always”, provided a blissfully blistering beginning to the evening, complete with vocal harmonies and jaggedly beautiful psycho pop songs ala Self-Satisfied Records’ frontman Levi Bailey. The second act, “Animals in Bed”, gave a lush beautiful atmosphere, which calmed the kiddies while simultaneously entrancing everyone with expertly executed voice percussion and soaring female vocals. The yin and yang of the first two acts perfectly paved the way for the Special Dental Team “Spirit Journey” performance.

    Thank you to “Clear Days Always” and “Animals in Bed” for mesmerizing music and complete professionalism. Levi: I wish you would have stuck around longer as your original artwork is amazing. Also, thanks to Animals in Bed own Alex Hamel for providing live sound support. Thank you to the lovely man who purchased the rare “Spirit Journey” poster. We love you. Also, thank you to all who came to make the night air come alive and for lending us your ears and allowing us to show you what we have been working on. Finally, thanks to Sam (Hot Tapes for Teens) for discussing noise and for doing a great job. We will be in touch.

    Links of interest:

    Special Dental Team
    Animals in Bed
    Clear Days Always
    The DAAC

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