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Mute Presence: A look at an aphorism by E.M. Cioran

Here is a fifteen minute video that I shot on Vimeo. Recently, I have been using Vimeo as an educational platform and a way to share my thoughts. This video opens up an aphorism by E.M. Cioran and brings in some other thinkers, as well. Is it perfect? No, but it was the best I could do at the time. I hope you can pull something useful out of it. Please ask questions.


Branding and Identity: Three Questions with Håvard Gjelseth

Skop 2
Håvard Gjelseth: Producer/Director

Håvard Gjelseth is a designer. His company is “This Way Design” based in Oslo, Norway. His website is a grid comprised of images of projects that he has worked on. The grid is then divided by project type: Record Covers, Interactive, Illustration, Identity, Photos, Products, Motion, and Art: This Way Design.

Brand identity is created by way of people like Gjelseth. That is, people able to connect with the client’s needs while bringing to the floor something authentic to themselves. Creating a brand that “feels” right, that resonates with the recipient of the product or company. One look at the “grindcore” series of logos that he did for Norweigan noise-unit Jazkamer and it is apparent how special his vision is. Who else uses the images of twisting branches as a representation of “grindcore” music? Now, that’s successful and emotionally satisfying branding.

I asked Havard Gjelseth three questions and present them to you, unedited. If you are looking to work with design or in the creative field in general, I recommend you pay attention to the words of such a tasteful designer:

1. What factors do you take into account when working with the identity of a company or individual?

For me it is about the balance between what reflects the client’s personality and the unexpected twist to make it stand out. Personally I find it inspiring to tell a story when working with identities – to
find unexpected sources of inspiration; to get closer.

On top of all that of course I take pride in – and love – the handcraft part of the work, either it is photography,pixel-perfectness or the details of the typography.

2. What advice would you give to people looking to work in the design business?

1) It has to be in your heart – or it will show
2) Make sure business doesn’t swallow you, keep doing personal projects
3) Work with people better than you

3. In your opinion, what are some key elements to a successful brand?

I think I’ll answer that by saying what factors in my experience make
bad brands: Fear, complexity and similarity.

On behalf of The Eyeslit-Crypt: Thank you, Håvard Gjelseth.

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A History of the Future of Narrative: Robert Coover (Vimeo)

The post prior to this one included a link to an hour long Robert Coover reading from 2005. After posting said article, in a moment of serendipitous joy, I found a forty minute long video of Robert Coover (thank you Google Blog Search).

Information on this video, from the Vimeo source: “Novelist Robert Coover’s keynote address at the Electronic Literature in Europe seminar (elitineurope.net), September 13th, 2008. Introduced by Scott Rettberg. Videography by Martin Arvebro.”

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Eyeslit-Tube and Eyeslit-Vimeo


I am working on media for both the Vimeo channel and a new (as of today) Youtube channel for Eyeslit’s viral content. At this point, you can experience original music and abstract viral projects. The viral addresses are:


Both channels contain almost identical content, so please choose your favorite and check back regularly as there will be a steady stream of new and original content. I think that while both sites have their advantages and disadvantages, Vimeo users seem much more welcoming to the aesthetic and interests of the Eyeslit-Crypt, but still does not have the same amount of traffic that Youtube has. If I decide to do any straightforward “vlog” type pieces, they will probably only show up on the Youtube page and I will reserve the Vimeo page for sound projects and creative pieces.

Thank you.

Neither: Samuel Beckett


Yesterday I made a viral video reading of Samuel Beckett’s poem “Neither.”
It is silent. I had originally recorded myself reading the poem and layered it over the top of the video, but decided against inserting it into the video. Watching it silently after reading the poem left an interesting resonance, which hopefully you will appreciate.

To put you in the context, I will provide the poem for you:

Samuel Beckett: Neither

to and fro in shadow from inner to outer shadow

from impenetrable self to impenetrable unself
by way of neither

as between two lit refuges whose doors once
neared gently close, once away turned from
gently part again

beckoned back and forth and turned away

heedless of the way, intent on the one gleam
or the other

unheard footfalls only sound

till at last halt for good, absent for good
from self and other

then no sound

then gently light unfading on that unheeded

unspeakable home


The content of the video is a men’s large size dress shirt that I hand painted.

The link provided will take you to my Vimeo page. Thank you for watching.

Samuel Beckett: Neither