Some Unshaven Thoughts on Reading

A video in which I improvise reasons why reading my book (and reading in general) are good for you. Watch a mind at work, overworked, but sure to make you smile. Thank you for watching.

Mondo Brutal (FREE Bizarro Grindhouse eBook Now Available for Download)

Valentine Mayhem!!! I am proud to present the second novelette spinoff of THE MONDO VIXEN MASSACRE, a full-on grindhouse, ultraviolent bizarro story called, MONDO BRUTAL.

Doreen is a vixen assassin and tonight’s mission–to take down a crazy geezer named Butch Smeezer and his were-goat goons–is underway. But the tables are turned when Doreen is captured by some feisty were-goats and subjected to the carnal magic of a device called Old Mattie. Haunted by her past and fueled by the violence of the present, Doreen is infected with hate and must battle her own demons as well as annihilate the enemy! MONDO BRUTAL delivers a swift Bizarro Grindhouse slice to the throat in this second spinoff of Jamie Grefe’s THE MONDO VIXEN MASSACRE.


Tumblr–Enjoy the blood-soaked one page version:
Smashwords–Snag an epub or a mobi:
Goodreads–Review it and get the pdf:

Thank you for reading and spreading the word!

Kindle Edition of THE MONDO VIXEN MASSACRE: Order Now

Kindle Edition of THE MONDO VIXEN MASSACRE: Order Now

The Kindle edition of THE MONDO VIXEN MASSACRE is now available for purchase in the Amazon store. If you are a fan of bizarro fiction, like over-the-top violence and action and a lot of sexy fun, you’ll love the book. Your eyes are getting heavy. Yes, you will love the book. Look deep into my eyes. You. Will. Love. The. Book. Money well spent.

NOISE MANIACS: A Mondo Vixen Massacre Promotional Video

Last night, I cut a short book trailer for MVM. The video features music that I recorded years ago. It is a simple video, but enjoyable. I hope you will watch it. Thank you very much.

Book Review: The Mondo Vixen Massacre


A very in-depth review of my book. Enjoy!

Originally posted on

The Mondo Vixen MassacreThe Mondo Vixen Massacre by Jamie Grefe

My rating: 3.5 of 5 stars

Okay, I’m just going to say it: Jamie Grefe needs to lay off the caffeine, or cocaine, or whatever he’s on.

The Mondo Vixen Massacre is Jamie Grefe’s entry into this year’s New Bizarro Authors Series, a series I look forward to every year as it brings new and experimental voices in fiction. Grefe’s entry is…unique, to say the least.

The book begins with Tom Clay being graphically tortured in every way you can possibly imagine and then some. Vixens of every type have broken into his house, murdered his son, kidnapped his wife, tortured Tom, and left him for dead. But he’s not dead. Thus begins a bloody tale of rescue and revenge as he attempts to recover his wife from the vixens’ clutches and maybe find out why they targeted him and his family to…

View original 327 more words

Accepting Donations /// Thank you

I have added a DONATE page under this blog’s header. If you enjoy or benefit from these writings, please consider making a donation to the site. Your donated money will help this blog stay up and running and will honestly help. Thank you.

The Sickle Vixen (Free Pocket Novelette)


The Sickle Vixen

My Mondo Vixen Massacre-inspired Pocket Novellete, THE SICKLE VIXEN, is free on Smashwords. If you want to get a taste of my writing, please download this pocket novelette and enjoy the ride. There are many file formats to choose from.

It is a spin-off of the original novella, which means there is a definite connection between it and the novella’s story, but doesn’t require readers to have any knowledge of the book. It stands alone.

For more information on Bizarro Fiction, see my 35 Tips For Writing Bizarro Fiction

Thank you for reading.


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